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A Place to enjoy all things Malibu and to embrace those special Malibu moments on the water.

Creating a highly tuned, sophisticated tournament water sports boat takes an unwavering commitment to the finest details. We believe our obsession to provide the professional water sports world with the ultimate boat, while incorporating a list of luxurious creature comforts ensures us each Malibu owner will enjoy levels of boating reserved for very few, providing an on-water #lifewithoutlimits. 


We are lucky in Europe to enjoy our Malibu boats with the support of an extended team of dealers who work together with Malibu to provide the Malibu family of boaters comfort and confidence close at hand.

Our dealers our passionate about time on the water and recognize how precious your free time is. Many of our dealers are ambassadors at the highest level of the sports Malibu boats have been created to perform.

Working together we aim to create a seamless link between the team creating the exceptional Malibu range of models and those of us fortunate to enjoy our Malibu on the water. This close relationship has allowed us to deliver technology and features which have enriched, evolved and set new standards in the world of water sports.


Malibu Boats is known for leading the industry with major innovations, including the first on-board computer system in 1993, the ingenious Power Wedge hydrofoil in 2006 (completely redesigned in 2014), the industry’s first wake-maximizing hull in 2000, and Surf Gate, the innovation that changed the face of wake-surfing forever, in 2012.

All of this innovation, along with superb build quality has resulted in us being the world's largest manufacturer of water-sports towboats (the affectionate name given to all boats designed for water-skiing, wake boarding, wake-surfing etc...).

Along with Malibu we also produce the Axis Wake Research range of models providing innovative cutting edge water sports boats to help you on the water whatever your budget.


The team at Malibu each day competitively challenges each other to continually seek the best, and then more. We aim to achieve this with our world class team of professional Athletes and boat developers, and by listening to our fellow Malibu owners and users.

Working with our European athletes Will Asher, Thomas Digasperi, Massi Pferretti, and Manon Costard, and their America teammates, our product, design and engineering teams exceptional talent is required in order satisfy.

With our website we aim to provide you with all the information you are looking to find and to hopefully surprise you with things you did not. If you are unable to find that elusive fact, or detail please do not hesitate to give us a call.